Advanced Lighting

LED Energy Efficient Lighting

 LED systems are the apex of lighting efficiency. They consume less power, require less maintenance, perform better and last longer than neon or fluorescent technologies. The typical payback is about two years through reduction in energy use by over 50%, more than double the lifespan of HID and with far less maintenance costs.  Coupled with the quality and efficacy of the illumination, LED lighting is an advantage for any property - both inside and out.

The proof is in the results:

·         Energy savings up to 50% or more

·         Significant savings in maintenance costs

·         Longer manufacturer warranties than your current HID lighting system

·         The latest tech allows retrofitting existing fixtures - saving even more money

·         ROI is typically achieved within about 24 months

LED technology is especially effective when incorporated in channel letters. The benefits of an LED retrofit for your existing sign(s) make a compelling case:

·         LED’s in illuminated signs generally use less than half of the energy of older fluorescents, and last 3-4 times longer

·         Energy consumption compared to neon reduced by an average of 60%

·         LED’s have a secondary power of 12volts, compared to the 15,000 volts in neon, making them less of a fire hazard

·         LED’s provide high intensity lighting with good color saturation, uniform light, and greater lighting directional control

·         Because of their longer operating life, maintenance-related costs are lower

·         LED modules are extremely durable and much less fragile and susceptible to vandalism, breakage, and weather

·         LED systems have flexible output options for dimming and/or motions sensors

·         LEDs contain no mercury and are environmentally safe

Start saving money right away by upgrading your current energy-hogging lights with an energy-efficient LED lighting system.

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