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Advanced Lighting & Sign Service aggressively seeks to provide the best possible service for your customers.  Our pricing is reasonable and we always strive to be as upfront about costs as we possibly can.  Simply put, we don’t like unwelcome surprises and we assume no one else does either. 

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This is one reason why we photographically document any unexpected problems with a sign or lighting fixture once we get inside to service it.  For example, should we discover that a ballast needs to be replaced while re-lamping, we take a photo of the old ballast while it is still in place and then a photo of the new one after it’s installed… and we always offer the option of having the old part left at your location.  We also document transformers and burnt sockets and wiring. 


Hardee's Pole Sign Main ID with OutageWe can help you to maintain all of your customers' on premise advertising at 100% efficiency without any additional expense on your part by including your location (and any others you may have in the NWA metro area) in our regular night surveys.  We will take photos of any signs that are found to be malfunctioning and then send you an email with outage reports which will include these photos along with an estimate to repair.  We can also let you know when we find parking lot and area lighting not working.

We will not charge you for this service nor will we pad our pricing to make up for it.  In fact, we are likely less expensive than the service partner you are using now.


Warranty DocumentationAnd, unlike most sign companies, the high output fluorescent lamps we put in your signs are warranted for a full year when replaced at the same time as the ballast on the same lamp circuit.  We warranty electronic sign ballasts for two years.


Regarding your customers' parking lot lighting, you will be provided with a plot plan that alphanumerically identifies every fixture at your location so that you will be able to maintain a history of exactly what is done with each one.  This not only allows the both of us to be sure that we are honoring any warranties but it informs us when a particular fixture is being overly problematical - so that we will know to investigate a little further rather than just replacing another lamp or ballast again.

Parking Lot Lighting Plot Plan


Why Not Us?We would like the opportunity to prove ourselves as being competitively priced and focused on a superior level of quality and service so that we become your repair and maintenance vendor of choice.  Whether you require on demand lighting repairs or choose to seek the security of long term maintenance contract, please consider us.