Advanced Lighting


One of our principal partners has over forty years in the sign industry, having started working part-time at his father's sign company when he was just 14 years old and going full time after leaving college.  Even though he has since worked in regional and national sales and in mid- and upper-level management with several of the largest sign companies in the United States and has earned two college degrees, he started out in production, installation, and maintenance and often refers to himself as "old school" - because, as he so often likes to say, there is just no substitute for experience.

Three trucks on-site
Our lift capabilities are currently provided by four service vehicles: a 77' Skyhoist, a 52' Wilkie, a 42' Hydra-Tech Lift-All, and a 37' Versalift.  With these trucks, Advanced Lighting is able to provide virtually any level of service "in-house" that you may require.

Advanced Lighting & Sign Service was created to provide value added service to our national sign and lighting clients that they just don't get anywhere else.

We aggressively seek to provide the best possible service for our customers in a number of areas, some of which are outlined below.  Morevoer, our pricing is reasonable and we always strive to be as upfront about costs as we possibly can.  Simply put, we don’t like unwelcome surprises and we assume no one else does either. 

This is one reason why we photographically document any unexpected problems with parking lot lighting fixtures, signs, etc. once we get inside to service it.  For example, should we discover that a ballast needs to be replaced while re-lamping, we take a photo of the old ballast while it is still in place and then a photo of the new one after it’s installed… and we always offer the option of having the old ballast left at your location.  We also document transformers and burnt sockets and wiring.  And we do the same thing for parking lot and area lighting.

We can help you to maintain all of your local clients' on-premise advertising at 100% efficiency without any additional expense on your part by including all of your local area locations in our regular night surveys.  We will take photos of any signs that are found to be malfunctioning and then send you an email with outage reports which will include these photos along with an estimate to repair.  We can also let you know when we find parking lot and area lighting not working should you have any freestanding stores where this is your responsibility to maintain.

We will not charge you for this service nor will we pad our pricing to make up for it.  In fact, we are likely less expensive than the company you are using now.

And, unlike most service companies, the high output fluorescent lamps we put in your signs are warranted for a full year when replaced at the same time as the ballast on the same lamp circuit.  We warranty electronic ballasts for two years.  HID ballasts and bulbs are warranted for one year and six months, respectively.

We would like the opportunity to prove ourselves as being competitively priced and focused on a superior level of quality and service so that we become your service provider of choice for parking lot lighting and sign repairs and maintenance.  Whenever you require a local service provider, please consider us.