Advanced Lighting

What is an On Demand Repair?

For the local businesses, national sign companies and lighting maintenance providers who do not yet enjoy the benefits of a maintenance agreement with Advanced Lighting, we offer sign and lighting repair services on a time and material basis.

You can initiate a service request right now by clicking on the following link....


For service calls with a standard bucket truck there is a two-hour minimum charge for labor.  This minimum charge covers time on-site plus any travel time. 

A standard bucket truck is generally able to reach parking lot lights and signs up to about 30 to 35 feet tall, depending upon how far the truck has to park away from the light or sign pole (e.g. the horizontal distance as opposed to the vertical distance).

Our standard parts warranties are as follows:

Bulbs & Lamps
HID Metal Halide Bulbs 6 Months*
HID High Pressure Sodium Bulbs 6 Months*
HID Low Pressure Sodium Bulbs 6 Months*
T12 High Output Fluorescent Sign Lamps 1 Year*
LED Modules & Bulbs 5 Years*
Neon 5 Years**
Power Supplies
HID Ballast Kits 1 Year
High Output Electronic Sign Ballasts 2 Years
LED Power Supplies 3 Years
Neon Transformers 2 Years

*  Bulb and lamp warranties are valid when replaced in conjunction with a new power supply on the same secondary circuit.
**  Neon warranty does not cover incidents of breakage or direct or indirect damage to the wiring from wildlife and insects which can also result in damage to the neon itself.

NOTE:  Parts warranties are restricted to the replacement of the defective part(s) at no cost for the new part(s) only and do not cover any incurred labor costs

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